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Bluegrass Unlimited,
February 2000

Ann & Phil Case - Never Grow Old
Dry Run Recordings DR002D (1999)

Here is a penetrating assortment of folk style duets ably performed by an Ohio based husband and wife team, Ann and Phil Case. The thirteen selections are drawn from diverse sources ranging from the traditional "Oh My Little Darling" and the Blue Sky Boys', "Behind These Prison Walls Of Love" to the Lonnie Johnson blues classic "Please Baby." Other conspicuous performances include "I Am Going To The West" and Jimmie Rodgers' "Miss The Mississippi And You." The accompanying instrumentation consists of unadorned guitar, mandolin and old time banjo accompaniment that elegantly complement Ann and Phil Case's luxurious duets. To sum up, "Never Grow Old" is a delicate bundle of emotionally charged old-time vocal harmonies from a couple of musicians that know how to ply their trade.