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Dirty Linen Magazine
April/May 2000

Ann & Phil Case - Never Grow Old
Dry Run Recordings DR002D (1999)

This Midwestern duo does a good job with the material that ranges from Jimmie Rodgers and the Carter Family to Gillian Welch. Their instrumental work on guitar, banjo, and mandolin is effective and intelligently arranged, providing solid support for close harmony singing that's homey but also quite original. Phil's high tenor blends well with Ann's voice for a sound that's not hard-edged like bluegrass vocals, but more along the lines of the Delmores or Blue Sky Boys. For the most part they stick to straightforward, unadorned singing and it works very well. They come up with interesting harmonies that add just the right amount of unexpected seasoning, and their arrangements take account of the old masters without being imitative.