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Springtime of Life

Sing Out Magazine Feb/March/April '97...
“...the bottom line here is that this is a very
good piece of work.”

Elderly Instruments (August 21, 1997)
“Hot Platter!...this couple from Ohio do a splendid
job on songs from the likes of the Carter Family
and Ola Belle Reed.”

Bluegrass Unlimited April '97...
“...real music presented honestly and lovingly.”

Dirty Linen Magazine Feb/March '98...
“Ann... has a strong clear voice with a slightly
smoky tone in the lower registers.”

Tradition Magazine, March-April 2000...
“a ‘true’ rendition of what old-time music is all about.”

Never Grow Old

Bluegrass Unlimited, February 2000...
“a delicate bundle of emotionally charged
old-time vocal harmonies”

Dirty Linen, April/May 2000...
“their arrangements take account of the old masters without being imitative.”

County Sales,
January-February 2000 newsletter...

“Pleasant, unpretentious Old-time duets...”

Tradition Magazine, March-April 2000...
“more artists should be doing what they
are doing so effectively.”

Sing Out! magazine, Spring 2000
"...Ann and Phil Case have earned a link on the
chain of groups keeping this tradition alive."